Terraform 0.12 Preview from Hashicorp

Hashicorp has release a preview of the up coming Terraform 0.12 release. The announcement post covers a number of topics; from improvements to the HCL language, My favorite updates: First-class expressions, no […]

Ethernet, 30 years old and still rockin’.

Can you name a peice of computer hardware with a 30 year history in computing? I can: Ethernet. ILJITSCH VAN BEIJNUM over at Ars Technica published a detailed article on the history […]

Added Disqus commenting ability.

After the success of the Gatling article, and the understandable dislike of the default comment system, I decided to give Disqus a try. Please leave a comment / opinion below and let […]

Gatling, a load testing tool with a difference.

A little background. Load testing tools generally send a high number of requests against a target host of your choosing. These tools are used to stress test how many requests a service […]

First impressions of @cypress_io; one word: amazing.

  Found testing automation tool called¬†Cypress for use with end-to-end (acceptance/user) testing. Tagged as `Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser`. Having used, abused, cursed at, threatened, […]

Great article on Pull Requests

`Anatomy of a perfect pull request` over at opensource.com is a great article that touches on what it is that makes a PR a good PR, or a pile of hot garbage. […]

Hehe, this is amazing…

Found this page during mu morning Twitter read-through. Simple, straight to the point, entertaining. Maybe one day your repo could be on here too. https://www.gitstartracker.com/

PHP serverless abstraction framework…

…as serverless architecture picks up steam in the market I predict we will see more and more languages adopting it; is not whole sale from the vendors then from the community itself. […]

Sharing some resources.

Awesome List is a curated list of resource you may find awesome; I know I have found is very helpful for a number of topics.