PHP serverless abstraction framework…

…as serverless architecture picks up steam in the market I predict we will see more and more languages adopting it; is not whole sale from the vendors then from the community itself. […]

AWS Lambda internals

Ran and Nitzan over at epsagon did a two part article on Medium about  AWS Lambda and its internals / runtime environment. It is a pretty interesting read if you are into the […]

AWS Lambda and automated testing (pt2).

Opps; forgot to circle back to this… So we finally got it working. Local and Jenkins automated testing that couples with Lambda for media processing! What we ended up doing was creating […]

AWS Lambda, S3, and VPC

Found this awesome bit of information floating around the internet:

AWS Lambda and automated testing.

So as you can see from my previous posts I recently developed a AWS Lambda function that pulls data from S3, processes it, and updates a database. Now the problem: how to […]

The pain with AWS Lambda…

…I realize I am a bit new the AWS platform and some things are just impossible, but here is the desired work flow: POST/PUT image to S3 Run node.js app in a […]