Did a thing today, ‘nother new package.

New Package: Stripe + CommandBus + Yii2 I got tired of writing out the entire Stripe class requirements coupled with the need to trigger stripe events from different areas of the application  motivated […]

Yii2 Database Schema Builder…o, thank you!

Came across this in the Yii2 news feeds. Built on Gii it is a UI for building out the database schema. Think MySQL Workbench / PhpMyAdmin but as a Yii2 module. GitHub, […]

Yii2 hasOne vs hasMany param order

hasOne() * * public function getCountry() * { * return $this->hasOne(Country::className(), [‘id’ => ‘country_id’]); * } * hasMany() * * public function getOrders() * { * return $this->hasMany(Order::className(), [‘customer_id’ => ‘id’]); * […]

Yii2 AR SQL Verbs; Y-U-SO-WEIRD?

Yii2 being an active record style DB abstraction AND needing to support a wide range of database technologies facilitated creating the standard insert / select / update / delete functionality inside the […]

Quick little thing.

Was sad to see Yii2’s getOldAttributes() did not have to ability to limit based on a provided array; whereas getAttributes() does take an array to limit the returned attributes. So I whipped […]