I dont often post about design tools, but when I do…

…I insist, as part of an everyday workflow, business and designers PLEASE use some mock / prototyping tooling. For the love of all that is web. Developers, this is also your call to arms. Use the results of the tool as effectively as possible, and feedback to the business how much it makes your life bearable.


To that end, here is a short list of tools worth a look.


ComposerCat (beta)

(Preface: I am a full supporter of CLI tools, UI tools are nice but should not be depended on for day-to-day workflow).

Came across this interesting UI tool from NomadPHP‘s weekly mailer. ComposerCat. It visually displays the contents of Composers composer.json and installed packaged. It’s in beta but looks to do everything it says on the tin. Check it out.