Great article on Pull Requests

`Anatomy of a perfect pull request` over at is a great article that touches on what it is that makes a PR a good PR, or a pile of hot garbage. […]

`git stash` magic

Srebalaji Thirumalai over on has a nice write up covering git stash and the many amazing things it can do.  Check it out.

Top development tools of 2017 from StackNews.

One of my favorite tech news sites StackShare has releases there annual Top Tools list of 2017. From New Tool of the Year to Business Tool of the Year to Top Developers of the Year the group of […]

OWASP end of year round up

Excellent article discussing the top 10 application vulnerabilities. Given this year has seen Equifax, US Military, and a number of other organizations fail there job at use security; 2017 is the year […]