Yii2-starter-kit update…and shameless plug.


A project I heavily rely on these days recently got some updates. Shameless plug: I was kinda  a part of a bunch of them. utf8-mb4 update for MySQL data sources, RBAC CRUD UI module, and a queue module will be merged in soon. Days like this make it fun to be a software person. 😀

Checkout the starter kit here: Yii2 Starter Kit

If this is the new CSS, count me in.

I’ve always had a love / hate relationship with CSS. Love that it’s powerful, simply syntax, and generally human comprehensible (minus not having a ‘center this div in the middle of its parent’). Then it evolved, version 2, now version 3, SASS, pre-compilers, ugg. Can we not have a simple one focused use technology that does not get bastardized? But I digress.

During my daily reading tour my attention was brought to this article to my attention. CSS-Grid is the most amazing piece of CSS I have seen in years! Best yet most modern browsers already support it. #love

What do you think of CSS Grid and its implications for web frontend design?

Couple links from around the web this week.

To keep writing and up to date I shall endeavour to do a weekly ‘from around the web’ recap. Resources, stories, and articles that I found interesting this past week.

The Rise and Fall of AIM on Mashable

Star Citizen Tracker and Trump Tacker

– and finally a little techy centric: a PHP static analysis tool that does not require PHP 7. For those who have not / can not upgrade a project: Psalm. (thank you James LaChance for finding this one.)