Top development tools of 2017 from StackNews.

One of my favorite tech news sites StackShare has releases there annual Top Tools list of 2017. From New Tool of the Year to Business Tool of the Year to Top Developers of the Year the group of […]

Lifecycle of Docker Container

Nitin Agarwal of on Medium did a great write up of the lifecycle of a docker container. For people just entering the world of containerization it is a great resource.For those well […]

Core software principles and design patterns.

Inspired by a recent conversation with a peer I decided to get together a list of 10 resources concerning software as a whole. Both for future reference and as a starting point […]

Inspiration for your day:

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt First Inaugural Address. That said, whatever you’re afraid of, it is not nearly as bad as you think. Get up, get […]