Google put together an article and a nice set of videos explaining DevOps and SREs. It’s a bit…cheeky but to the point and not techno-babble complicated. Check out the article over here.

AWS Lambda internals

Ran and Nitzan over at epsagon did a two part article on Medium about  AWS Lambda and its internals / runtime environment. It is a pretty interesting read if you are into the […]

`git stash` magic

Srebalaji Thirumalai over on has a nice write up covering git stash and the many amazing things it can do.  Check it out.

The cost of scaling up.

In my time s working in the software realm I have worked on projects of various sizes. Local bands wanting a web presence, user generated content upload sites, college assignments, financial industry […]

Deleting an AWS API Gateway resource.

Because it is not well documented in the AWS docs herein is how you delete an AWS API Gateway resource. Click on the end point in the left hand side. Click the […]

Parallel bash process execution.

Ever do something in bash and wish you could do it in parallel? Checkout this excellent article by Bash Prompt. One use case I can think of right now is running suites of […]