Today, today is a good day.

Yesterday I sat for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. It’s been nearly 6 months of studying, little gaming, much less beer, and far fewer trips. But as of today I am now an AWS Certified […]

Core software principles and design patterns.

Inspired by a recent conversation with a peer I decided to get together a list of 10 resources concerning software as a whole. Both for future reference and as a starting point […]

Inspiration for your day:

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt First Inaugural Address. That said, whatever you’re afraid of, it is not nearly as bad as you think. Get up, get […]

OWASP end of year round up

Excellent article discussing the top 10 application vulnerabilities. Given this year has seen Equifax, US Military, and a number of other organizations fail there job at use security; 2017 is the year […]

If this is the new CSS, count me in.

I’ve always had a love / hate relationship with CSS. Love that it’s powerful, simply syntax, and generally human comprehensible (minus not having a ‘center this div in the middle of its […]

Finding the motivation to complete.

It happens to all of us. We get a awesome idea, a world changer, an industry changer even. We plan it out, using some fancy or not so fancy tech; months go […]