Yet another great article

You know, I might as well just add into my RSS feed. Really really great articles over there these last few weeks. 9 Software Engineering Career Mistakes To Avoid At All […]

CoreOS; web security and privacy.

Alex Polvi over at CoreOS put out a short, but poignant article about not only why CoreOS was started, but why they care about privacy and freedom in a digital world. Today has […]

Economy of Scale: when big is a waste.

Some short musings. I was thinking about why larger organizations tend to be less ‘agile’ or ‘nimble’ than smaller organizations. Even though larger organizations are typically broken into smaller and smaller groups. […]

Hackathons…an honest opinion.

When taken as a hole a hackathon is a marketing, networking, and possibly hiring event. Engineers and developers of all levels attend with the award of getting to demo a cool / neat / […]