Out of the box performance: PHP + PDO + MariaDB

Backstory: Another week, another evening at the Pub with some friends and colleges. Somehow or the other we got on the topic of database insert performance and how long it would take to […]

AWS Lambda and automated testing (pt2).

Opps; forgot to circle back to this… So we finally got it working. Local and Jenkins automated testing that couples with Lambda for media processing! What we ended up doing was creating […]

Sad day … Iron Yard Closing.

To me the whole coding school bootcamp has always seemed like land mind field waiting for a chain reaction detonation. That said The Iron Yard is one of the more well established and respectable […]

A little slow recently…

…if you noticed a slow down in blogs do not fear; just been a little busy. The links section has gotten some attention though. Check that out.   Anyone else excited about […]

Did a thing today, ‘nother new package.

New Package: Stripe + CommandBus + Yii2 I got tired of writing out the entire Stripe class requirements coupled with the need to trigger stripe events from different areas of the application  motivated […]

Yii2 Database Schema Builder…o, thank you!

Came across this in the Yii2 news feeds. Built on Gii it is a UI for building out the database schema. Think MySQL Workbench / PhpMyAdmin but as a Yii2 module. GitHub, […]

Checkout my latest OSS contribution!

A very early  alpha release but as I am a fan of the command bus design pattern I thought this would be a nice addition: https://packagist.org/packages/davidjeddy/stripe-command-bus-interface GiutHub, Download, Tweet, Comment, Follow! PS: Again, this is […]